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He pushed open the heavy wooden door and headed for the inn counter. The innkeeper slammed his heavy mug on the table without a word. He took a sip of the thick mead and felt the warmth spread over his body immediately. "I needed that", he thought.

GMtoolkit is a Game Master toolbox that will support your process of preparing and running RPG sessions.

Fantasy setting is perfect for running sessions on systems such as:

  • Warhammer
  • The Witcher TRPG
  • Exalted

Our toolbox will help you introduce the players to the atmosphere using ready-to-use elements in a matching style.

In the file you will find:

  • atmospheric backgrounds of virtual tables
  • decorations and items to be placed on the tables
  • ready-to-use tokens and character portraits
  • example of use of selected elements

Bundle contents:

  • editable .fig file (Figma)
  • exported graphics ready to use in other programs (e.g. Miro, Canva) and RPG platforms (e.g. Roll20, Foundry, Role)

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GMtoolkit - Fantasy

0 ratings
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