GMtoolkit - Dark Fantasy

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The light of the torch in his hand was trying to break through the thick fog that wrapped the town. The sounds of wailing beggars mingled with the squeals of rats fighting in the gutter. "Nothing can help this world anymore," he sighed.

GMtoolkit is a Game Master toolbox that will support your process of preparing and running RPG sessions.

Dark Fantasy setting is perfect for running sessions on systems such as:

  • Mork Börg
  • Dark Graal
  • Symbaroum

Our toolbox will help you introduce the players to the atmosphere using ready-to-use elements in a matching style.

In the file you will find:

  • atmospheric backgrounds of virtual tables
  • decorations and items to be placed on the tables
  • ready-to-use tokens and character portraits
  • example of use of selected elements

Bundle contents:

  • editable .fig file (Figma)
  • exported graphics ready to use in other programs (e.g. Miro, Canva) and RPG platforms (e.g. Roll20, Foundry, Role)

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GMtoolkit - Dark Fantasy

0 ratings
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